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Price: $1
Type: Animals, For Sale - Private.

We Specialize in the Teacup and Toy Size Morkie and Yorkie Puppies.
We are also Verified Paypal Business Members.
Teacup Puppies For Sale
Morkie Puppies For Sale
Free Information About Teacup Pigs
Yorkie Puppies For Sale
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Famous Customers
Testimony Page "107 Actual Emails"
Our Puppies Have Their Own Puppy Page with Lots of Pictures.
Check Out the Links Below to see them.
Morkie Female "MARCIE"
Morkie Male "ORLANDO"
We Accept Credit and Debit Cards Thru Paypal.
We Are Verified Business Members with them.
We also accept payment by mail.
Text 479-650-xxxx or Call 479-262-xxxx
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State: Kentucky  City: Louisville  Category: Animals
Animals in Kentucky for sale

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